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Leiden-based initiatives EYES WIDE SHUT, Maxi Radio and Leiden International Film Festival join forces this year! Our evening starts with the second screening in the Netherlands of one of the most inspiring music documentaries of the past years, Sisters with Transistors by Lisa Rovner. Afterwards we take off with a liveshow and DJ-sets, by a carefully curated line-up of extraordinary musicians and artists.


Sisters with Transistors is the remarkable untold story of electronic music’s female pioneers, composers who embraced machines and their liberating technologies to utterly transform how we produce and listen to music today.The film maps a new history of electronic music through the visionary women whose radical experimentations with machines redefined the boundaries of music, including Clara Rockmore, Daphne Oram, Bebe Barron, Pauline Oliveros, Delia Derbyshire, Maryanne Amacher, Eliane Radigue, Suzanne Ciani, and Laurie Spiegel.Sisters with Transistors is more than just the history of a music genre: it's the story of how we hear and the critical but little-known role female pioneers play in that story.


  • Mathilde Nobel [LIVE]
  • Acidic Male
  • Selin
  • Blume
  • Bella Hall


  • Movie // Concert // Party = 17,50
  • Early Concert // Party = 10
  • Regular Concert // Party = 12,50

Doors 15:30 | Movie 16:00 | Music 18:00